DPF MOT Failure 2014

As of February 2014 a missing DPF filter will be an instant MOT failure as outlined in the document here

The government are appealing to the “social implications” of removing the DPF as the reason it will fail, however if you have been forced to remove a DPF due to failure due to the short life span of these parts then you are looking at the cost of having a new DPF fitted by the manufacturer or scrapping the car.

Many forums are claiming that it is just a visual inspection and if the original casing of the DPF exists then they aren’t able to prove without removing the exhaust if the DPF is present or not, however time will tell if this is the case.

However if you have removed your DPF and replaced it with another downpipe then as of February 2014 your car will fail its MOT.

Personally i can see the reasons for banning DPF removals, but making a common modification / fix to a problem illegal after thousands of owners have had the work done appears a bit unfair.

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