DPF light on?

If you are driving a modern diesel with a DPF filter fitted and you get a DPF warning light on the dash you are advised to check the cars manual to review the procedure that you should follow. Below is a summary of what the majority of manuals advise that you should do.

*Please be aware that if a glow plug light or other engine management light is flashing we advise that you take the car directly to your nearest dealership as that indicates a severe blockage of the DPF filter.

  1. Allow the engine to warm up fully
  2. Drive at above 2000 RPM, preferably in 4th or 5th for 10-15 minutes or until the DPF warning light goes off.
Heading towards a motorway and doing a few miles in 4th is advisable as with some of the more powerful Diesels this is hard to achieve in a built up area. Also it is strongly advised to take the time out of your day to complete the active regeneration cycle as turning the engine off whilst it is doing the regeneration is likely to compound the issue.
It has been noted by a few people that the turbo sounds “slightly different” during the regeneration, although this shouldn’t be anything to worry about and harsh acceleration “should” help with warming up the DPF filter during this process.
If you are unsure what the DPF light looks like, here are some common versions of the symbol for your reference