Audi A3 DPF Issues (Case Study)

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*** UPDATE – DPF removal will now be an MOT failure after February 2014 ***

An ongoing case study of my personal DPF issues with my 2006 Audi A3 (and the reason this site was created!)

A general week for the car involves

  • Short trip into town early morning (so cold air) of about 2 mile round trip
  • A little bit later in the day it gets 5-6 miles to nursery and then to work
  • Then another trip to nursery in the evening
  • At least 1 day of the week, usually a weekend it gets taken out on a longish trip 20 miles+
  • Every other week it gets a fair few motorway miles at the weekend


  • 8th of September 2011 – Car purchased
  • 3 weeks later – checked at garage (no faults)
  • Start of October – Juddery Idle + Diagnostic at VAG specialist
  • Mid October – DPF light on
  • End of November – Shaking on Idle
  • End of November – Took for Service at VW
  • End of November – DPF + Coil light on (VW replaced a sensor, asked us to alter driving style.. which we did)
  • December 1st – Passive Regeneration (no lights, but high revs)
  • December 7th – Passive Regeneration (no lights, but high revs)
  • December 13th – Passive Regeneration (no lights, but high revs) (even though a 1 hour 45 min round trip on 9th)
  • December 13th (Afternoon) – DPF light on
  • December 14th, – Unable to clear DPF light.. back to VW to ask why even with changed driving style this has happened again. Now told must drive on motorway almost daily if you own a DPF diesel. VW mechanic told us it will need replacing at 100k and advised (off the record) to have it removed
  • December 16th – Passive Regeneration (no lights, but high revs)
  • December 17th – DPF Light on
  • December 18th – Cleared the DPF light with a 15 min drive on motorway in 5th
  • December 20th – Booked in at Audi for software update (related to Injector recall)
  • December 20th – 4 new injectors FOC courtesy of Audi
  • December 20th – DPF Light on
  • December 21st – Cleared DPF Light
  • December 22nd – Booked in for DPF removal (at last!)
  • December 22nd – Car up on ramp at Found that the DPF fitted to my car was welded on from another make/model… badly!
  • December 22nd – Miltek DPF delete pipe fitted due to not being able to just remove the DPF internals due to dodgy welding work.
  • All problems now solved thanks to Shark Performance Tuning who i would recommend to anyone looking for Audi DPF removal

Long Version

Purchased the Audi A3 from Euro Motor Co in Rotherham on the 8th of September 2011.

Took it back to them about 3 weeks later to investigate a “juddery idle” that shook the car side to side slightly. They were unable to find any faults after having the car for 2 days and the car ran fine when i got it back.

The juddery idle returned a few weeks later, so i took the car to a local VAG specialist at the start of October to get a diagnostic check and the central locking function altered. Everything came back fine and they suspected the flywheel to be the cause of the juddering.

Sometime around mid October the car was often “shaking on idle”, eventually after a week or so the DPF light came on (for the first time) and after a blast up a dual carriageway for 25 mins or so the light went out. After that the car was idling smooth and appeared to be running a lot better than it had for a while. By this point i am starting to link the shaking on idle with a DPF blockage.

Towards the end of November the shaking on idle had returned and also the car was often idling at 1k rather than just above 800 rpm as it should, which is an indication of a passive DPF regeneration cycle.

The car was due a service so i figured they might spot if anything wasn’t quite right. A new rear wiper motor, break fluid change and a service later i got the car back. Next day DPF light was back on, not a problem i thought so took it for a long spin to clear. I tried with some VERY hard driving but nothing would get the light to go out.

As usual with these things it was weekend so i set off to take the car to the garage on Monday via the petrol station, as soon as i left the petrol station the coil light also appeared which means the DPF is blocked to a point where it can’t regenerate itself and advises you to go to the dealers.

The dealership ran some diagnostics and confirmed the DPF was blocked and one of the sensors was also blocked. So on approximately November 25th the sensor was replaced (at a cost of £150) and the DPF “regenerated” apparently. The car was then driven over to Manchester and back (about 2 hours each way) on the return trip the DPF light came on again but went off after approx 10 mins.

December the 1st the car did its first passive regeneration, increased revs, louder turbo noise. I took the car for a spin as instructed by the dealership until the revs went back down, probably took 15-20 mins.

December 7th passive regeneration AGAIN, 20 mins to clear.

I’ll continue this case study as the year progresses, although i feel it may end with a DPF removal, time will tell.

130 thoughts on “Audi A3 DPF Issues (Case Study)

  1. Its not just Volkswagen Group vehicles which are suffering, DPF’s are a bad joke forced upon us by politicians who don’t live in the real world…

  2. I have an A3 Sportback 2.0TDI 170. I have owned my car since Nov 2011 and current milage is 50k.

    My injectors were replaced under the recall programme at the end of March. Since then I have had two serious DPF blockages, the latest is 10 days since they regenerated it at the main dealer. Today Audi told me that I will need to pay to have the filter replaced at £2k and that the warranty won’t cover it. I think that it must be related to the injectors. How can the DPF become blocked in such a short period of time? I never had a problem in the past? The glow plug and emissions light all came on at the same time. It’s not as though I drove it for weeks with the DPF light on. Any advice is much appreciated.

    • I’d get it checked out by an independent VAG specialist if you have one nearby, to confirm that the issue is in fact the DPF becoming blocked.

      Have you changed your driving style / length of journeys at all since the injectors have been replaced?

      If it turns out to be 100% the DPF causing the issue i’d advise getting it removed, transforms the car and won’t cause you any hassle in the future

    • Just had the same problem, same model audi a3 sportback tdi 2.0 , 170, injectors have been replaced through the recall system 5 days later the dpf
      Light has come
      On along with the glow
      Lamp light. Spoke to local Audi dealer who informed me this problem has nothing to do with the injectors been replaced.Paid 35 for a diagnostic test at a local garage who reported a 40% blockage of the dpf advised taking it down the motorway
      to regenerate the problem. Tried to regenerate by taking car down the motorway but impossible toget it over 3000 rpm . Any suggestions of what to do next?

      • Sorry for the delayed reply.

        I would suggest it wouldn’t have anything to do with injector swap, although have just had another comment with the exact same story as yourself.

        By impossible to get over 3k rpm how do you mean? The car won’t go above that, or you can’t do that in a sensible gear without loosing your licence.

        The advise i was given was 3rd gear and over 3k RPM, that way you arn’t going to loose you licence but will heat up the turbo and DPF nicely.

        • Hi my 170 a3 quattro is having same issue. Not being able to go over 3 k (2.8k) revs is the car in limp mode due to the dpf blockage. My dpf light is on all the time now after months of high idle (regens) I do long distance at least once a week but won’t help when it’s clogged and in limp mode also the glow plug light is flashing so a sensor must be faulty but after diagnostics the two faults found were as a result of the dpf. Mines booked in with ptorque in the West Midlands tomorrow morning for a remap and delete so hopefully all will be sorted. I’ll update Thursday when the cars back.

  3. I have had the same problem my Audi a3 had injectors replaced my car has been back 10 times in 3 weeks I’ve had a new inlet manifold, two new sensors now they telling me I need a new PDF filter ! I’m taking this to trading standards and watch dog now this is ridiculous my car had no problems as well until it went in for recall

    • Doesn’t sound like your having a great time there!

      What sensors where replaced? DPF related?

      I’d get a impartial mechanic to check the first section of the exhaust to confirm it is “correct and genuine” as it may be a 3rd party exhaust that has been fitted.

      I would look at removing the DPF rather than replacement if you HAVE to go down that route as its a lot cheaper and makes the car a lot more enjoyable to drive.

      Please keep us updated on your progress and maybe we will setup a page as a case study.

  4. I have had the same trouble! Had a recall letter for the injectors which were replaced free of charge by Audi. About a week later the DPF filter light came on. Got the hand book out and took it for a motorway drive at speed and the light went off. A couple of weeks later and the light is back on with the emission and engine warning light to go with it. Audi have asked me to take it back in so they can have a look what is wrong! Said worst case is a new DPF at around £1400. This is a joke. I live 20 miles from the dealership so getting it there is a task in itself, without a bill on top. Help with what to say anyone ?

    • This is getting a far too common comment on this blog now :-/

      I’m going to setup a new page so people can report this same issue and hopefully find some advise on this from the forums.

      The only thing i can say is as i’ve said in the other comments thats £1400 for a new DPF is a waste of money when it is substantially less to get it removed.

      I’m not sure if these issues are all related to the injector recall or its just simply nearing the end of the life span for a lot of the DPF’s from that year now?

      • 07 2ltr tdi 170hp, dpf removed, milltec exhaust,remapped. 3yrs trouble free motoring. Audi recall, new injectors fitted. one week later engine management light on however, no adverse affects thus far. Coincidence ?

  5. I have an AudiA3 1.9 deisel, bought new Sept 2008.
    Last week the emissions light came on, the DPF light has never come on so no warning that it needed regenerative driving.
    until March I drove 40 miles a day 3 days a week on the motorway and on a sunday in excess of 100 mikes on mostly country roads with the usual trips to the shops and town, not city driving.
    I have also had the juddering on idle and when serviced, Audi everytime, they claimed they couldn’t replicate it.
    Audi quoted £75 and a 2 week wait for a diagnostic on the emissions light, but our local VW garage carried it out foc and said that it was DPF.
    Why didn’t the DPF light come on ever before the emissions light and why can we not clear that light even with regenerative driving?
    I’m reluctant to take it to AUDI as I know whatever they suggest will be expensive and they will claim not their fault!!!
    Any suggestions?

  6. Recently purchased an Audi A3 Quattro s-line (08 reg) tdi, and after having the car for seven days the DPF filter light came on. I’ve taken the car to the garage to have the filter regenerated and the light went off, however the light came on straightaway and has remained on regardless of my attempts to take the car on the motorway and limit my short journeys. I’m still getting high rev’s and it’s only the emission light that has stayed on. Only alternative is to remove filter or replace. Injectirs have been replaced but I’m really unhappy with this. I have a BMW and never experienced any if these problems and I’m thinking of staying with BMW.

  7. I have owned my Audi A3 Sportback 2.0l TDI 170PS 56 reg since December 2009. Have never had the dpf clogged until yesterday (31/7/12). Despite driving on the A1 dualcarriage in sportsmode for 1hour with 2-3000 RPM, filter still clogged. Had piezo pump injector elements replaced on 30/4/12 under Audi free recall.
    Given other people’s similar experiences after Audi recall, it seems too much like a coincidence.
    I live near Grantham lincs. Any suggestions ashow to proceed?

    • Unfortunately this is getting a very common problem, although nobody has reported back to the site after the initial issue i’m not 100% sure what Audi is doing with these cases.

      It could just be that the DPF’s are getting towards the end of their lives and its unfortunate timing.

      If you could let us know how you get on that would be great, as always my suggestion if nothing else works is to have it removed

      • Hi I have an Audi A3 sline 2.0 diesel and I’ve just had the emission fix completed by Audi Norwich 400 miles ago and now I have a DPF warning light up do you think this is related?

  8. Audi A3 Sportback 170bhp 57. Car running perfectly for 18 months done 80K. Had the injectors replaced under recall from Audi 2nd July 2012. Nothing but trouble since. Been back to Audi main dealer in Stockport 3 times. The car is running rough, the DPF light has come on twice. Audi are giving me excuses of supermarket fuel, short journeys. I have not changed the way I drive or my daily routine – I travel 20miles to work each day (motorway). Now been told I need DPF replacing and its nothing to do with the injector change! This fault is far too common – why are Audi not doing anything about this? Willing Watchdog participant!

  9. I can’t believe it. I have exactly the same problems since injector recall. Paid additional 492.00 as they said tandem pump had gone. Prob is back today…… What can we do ? 🙁

  10. My Audi A3 went in for the recall for replacing the injectors on August 4th 2012. The fuel particulate light came on the 9th, I drove it through the regeneration process and nothing. Yesterday the glow plug and emission control system light came on and it was struggling to get above 2000rpm. It went in for a diagnostics check today with a VAG specialist and they were unable to clear the filter. They have said the only option is to change the DPF which would cost £1300 + VAT. What does everyone suggest?

    • £1300 actually sounds cheaper than most people have been quoted unless that isn’t including fitting.

      Cheapest option would still be to get it removed, a lot of places like shark performance now offer a cheap removal with no power increase.

      Please keep us updated with your progress

  11. My a3 2.0tdi 170 , has just been in for injector recall and one week later dpf light has come on , this has to be related to the recall ,exactly the same happened to a friend , he told me not to have the recall done because he’s had nothing but trouble with the dpf since but I thought it must just be is car and had it done , wish I hadn’t now

  12. 2007 A3 170BHP TDI S-Line: one more to join the DPF club! Had a rather costly 5yr service at West London Audi back in May where they also replaced the injectors under warranty. Just 5 weeks later on a short-ish journey I had the Diesel Particulate Filter Obstruction light come on but did not have a chance to hit a motorway to clear it. Two days later both the Glow Plug & flashing Emission Control System lights also came on and the car unexpectedly went into limp mode and the turbo disengaged. Audi told me to bring the car in by recovery service and not to drive it – great. Once there and a whole three days later, they were eventually able to tell me that a sensor had gone that had allowed the DPF to become totally blocked. The imminent quote was for over £2,000 which after a £1,300 5yr service the month before(!) was a rather alarming amount – especially seeing that the car was only 5 years old and had only done 41,000 miles (half of those motorway), not to mention the fact also that it’s an “Audi”. So, after some lengthy discussions and challenging of their whole ‘audi approved used’ scheme whereby my beloved lemon of a car had clearly slipped the net, they managed to speak with Audi HQ. The result was that Audi agreed to cover the cost of the labour and some of the parts as I had kept a full ‘if rather expensive’ service history with them. So the revised quote was under £800 but after several more unsatisfactory days of delay and re-ordering of parts / screws etc. it ended around £870 and I’m still waiting for the paperwork. Not cheap by any means but better than the joke that was £2,000. The car has since been running well until yesterday and now sounds like the exhaust is going to drop off (something is loose & rattling below), so back again to Audi we go. Overall one pretty unhappy customer and not the great Audi quality I was expecting 2.5 yrs ago when I originally bought the car. For the last 10,000 miles, servicing alone has cost me c.30p/mile – time to go to an independent dealer me thinks!

  13. Has anyone managed to take this any further with Audi? Has anyone gone to Watchdog?

    So, I too have a Audi A3 Sportback 2.0l TDI 170PS (57 reg) purchased October last year from a car supermarket. Let me explain my car sagas in the last 11 months, ending with DPF misery.
    Within 2 days of having the car, it cut out in the third lane of a dual carriageway, leaving me to dice with death across the carriageways losing speed as it was quite uphill, then be towed by the police as the AA couldn’t get there fast enough. I’ll cut out the bit here about the fight I had with the car supermarket, but needless to say it had an injector replaced FOC.
    I carried on until February this year, when I had issues with the DPF light as many have described, cumulating in it going into limp mode. At this point I took it to a local Audi specialist. They diagnosed the inlet manifold and a sensor, and having replaced the manifold twice / struggled to get it performing, it took a full three weeks for me to get the car back. Not ideal when I commute 130 miles per day. I have a warranty with the car, who conveniently put everything down to ‘wear and tear’, and insinuated it was because I drove it round town like a granny. I pointed out I do 130 miles a day on the motorway and hold a Class 1 licence, I don’t think I drive like a granny. Bye bye £900.

    The car continued to feel odd – what can almost be described as a misfire frequently on the motorway. I didn’t trust it, but chose to ignore. Another warning light appeared, this time less ominous, just a bulb! Given the weather was hideous at the time (May/June 2012) I took it to Audi at lunchtime to fix. ‘Ahhhh, we can’t fix your lightbulb as there is a product recall on the car’. Interesting, but the product recall was for the injectors, with which I had already had a problem – so I was pleased they were going to replace them all for free! And apparently my bulb, as they couldn’t let me drive away with an illegal fault I had asked them to fix, and yet they were not allowed to bill me until the car had been recalled. Bonus I thought, however I am beginning to suspect this was the start of further trouble.
    The DPF light duly returned. Like others – 20 mins a time, about twice a week, so every 300 miles. I could not get it to a garage when the light was on, so I just continued to drive it, assuming would have a complete fit at some point. Which it did, although bizarrely only the emissions light came on. Straight into Audi, who changed the DPF sensor. £150. Is this the end?
    Of course not. Back to the old routine within a week. DPF light on and off at least every 300 miles. Waited for it to go completely wrong again, as it did last night. I am house sitting rather closer to work, although it still gets up to 70mph every day, after 2 weeks of this it decided to go into limp mode again. Drove it like this back to Audi, who have looked at it today and said it’s the sensor they replaced last month, but they can’t check whether its the DPF filter or not until they have replaced the sensor. They have not managed to do that today due to time constraints, so I jumped up and down and got a courtesy car – a convertible – for the bank holiday weekend. Guarantee it’s going to rain…… 🙂

    After all of this – I think the best option is to get the DPF filter removed????? However, I am intrigued to see if anyone has pushed this further with Audi, as I would rather not, I do not need the initial cost of this if consumer power means Audi have to recognise this issue and sort it out, nor do I need the associated increased insurance costs as it will also be remapped. This car is draining my finances and affecting my emotional well being…..

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated 🙂

  14. Doesn’t sounds like you’ve had a great time!

    Had the same DPF sensor needs replacing story from VW (was closer than Audi when my light came on). I’d insist they replace the sensor for free, although i imagine the underlying cause is the DPF filter.

    As i understand the DPF sensor they will have replaced is just before the DPF filter, so the soot will clog up the sensor if its not able to get through the filter.

    If you have time, please complete our DPF issues form

    • Will complete the form when I have more info.

      Audi have got back to me today to say they have replaced the sensor and done the regeneration, but they want to keep the car to road test it further to check the light isn’t going to come on again. Annoyed I completely refuelled it about 2 miles before it went wrong, as they’ll probably be welly’ing it round Milton Keynes as I type. However I do get to keep the convertible for a nice evening.

      I suspect that they will not get the light to come back on, but I bet I will within a week. If the computer keeps saying its the DPF sensor that is going wrong every 2,000 miles – I am ok with that as Audi appear to be replacing it for free. I am reasonably happy for this cycle to continue, as long as I don’t have to pay to have it fixed, or replace the dpf my car is welcome to spend the day at Audi every 6 weeks whilst I am at work!

      Let’s see what tomorrow brings….

      • Hello again.

        Sorry I have not updated my story in a while, but hopefully this is the concluding episode…. Bear with me – it’s an interesting Audi story!!!

        So after keeping the courtesy car on Tuesday 28th, they also wanted to keep it on the Wednesday night too. Thursday afternoon I rang Audi several times to find out if I needed to take the courtesy car back – failing to get through to the service advisor involved. I left several messages for him to call me back. At 17.45 I headed home as Audi close the service department at 18.00 – I was unlikely to be going to get my car that night.

        17.56 Audi decide to give me a call expecting me to fetch my car. I was already heading home and I had a meeting in Luton on the Friday morning, so I arranged to collect my car from MK at lunchtime. Fine – except when I leave Luton the courtesy car feels a little strange. On pulling over, I find it has the flattest rear tyre I have ever seen. Call to Audi – who gave me number for recovery. Note it is 1pm.

        An hour later ( I am supposed to be back in the office now) the recovery turn up. Can’t fix the puncture (massive nail in tyre), no spare wheel in the ridiculous convertible. Options – take tyre to be replaced or get tow truck to take it back (as rear wheel puncture). Phone Audi who now tell me the tyre is at my expense. If they had said that in the first place I might have risked running it around the corner to Kwikfit!!!! Annoyed, I decided to wait even longer for the recovery truck to arrive, get it picked up and argue with Audi on return. After all this I return to Audi in MK after 5pm.

        After replacing the DPF sensor again (FOC), they reckon they have ‘road tested’ my car and it is fine. Checking the mileage they have road tested it over 100 miles and turned off the passenger airbag – no idea why. They also want to charge me £75 (trade price) for tyre as the vehicle was ‘in my care’. I can see their point, but I argued that it shouldn’t have been, not only have they failed to fix my car twice, so I shouldn’t have even needed the courtesy car, they were so disorganised they failed to take it back the day before.

        After some waffle about how it will come out of the managers personal budget, to which i counteracted that was not as bad as my personal pocket, and the fact I have wasted my firms time at £135 per hour that afternoon, they relented and I walked away charge free for this latest visit. Note it was 6pm when I got to my office.

        I asked the service advisor if we were going to keep repeating this cycle for the two years warranty on the sensor – and he said yes as long as the computer keeps saying it was that. I said I suspect its the actual DPF filter and said I would no doubt be back.

        I was right – two journeys to work and back and it was back in limp mode. This was the following Thursday due to some working from home that week. I took it straight back to Audi on the morning of Friday 6th Sept, driving it 65 miles in limp mode. I told them they had a whole week to fix it as I was on holiday abroad the next week. I got a lift back the 65 miles home.

        To add complication the car needed an MOT the next week. Audi offered a competitive £50 price for the MOT, so I said please do it, IF YOU FIX IT. On the following Wednesday, whilst on holiday, I get a message from the service advisor to finally admit it was the DPF filter that is faulty. Not only that but they had MOT’d it anyway and it had failed on emissions due to being in limp mode, which cannot be tested! I was furious, as this now put me on a time limit to get it fixed and retested, and they knew I was abroad.

        Audi wanted £1,850 for the filter, not sure if this was even fitted as I had no intention of replacing it. I had already decided on advice of forums such as this that I would have the DPF filter removed. I organised to collect the car from Audi on Saturday morning and take it to Angel Tuning at Banbury, as they were close enough and I had seen their name recommended.

        Angel Tuning could not have been more different to Audi. They were very helpful, appreciating my situation and the need to get it done quickly, and even went out of their way to organise a courtesy car. I dropped it off early Saturday afternoon, and collected it again on Tuesday evening, having had the DPF deletion done.

        THE CAR IS SO MUCH BETTER. No hunting around by the engine on the motorway whilst it tries to regenerate – it is so much better! And it went straight back to a bemused Audi who passed the emmissions on the MOT today. I am aware there are cheaper places to get the DPF deletion done, but I would recommend their expertise and track record.

        So, this is hopefully the end of my DPF story, and I can keep my car for another couple of years and 60,000 miles.

        Hope this has been interesting/informative, or made someone feel like they are not alone with this horrific issue!

        Thanks also for the advice on the forum everyone! 🙂

        • Hi Gemma,

          Thanks for coming back with a follow up to your story.

          Doesn’t sound like you’r having a great time with the service at all!

          This sentence stands out to me “I asked the service advisor if we were going to keep repeating this cycle for the two years warranty on the sensor – and he said yes as long as the computer keeps saying it was that.” It baffles me that this appears to be the company policy.. if the diag says a sensor is faulty simply replace, i can appreciate doing this once but if the sensor keeps failing there has to be an underlying issue!

          Enjoy you DPF free driving from now on.. no more worrying that popping to the shops might clog things up!

  15. Hi, My audi A3 2.0 (07) went into audi yesterday for injector recall which they replaced, the following morning when i started the engine up the glow plug systems light came on and car felt sluggish when driven. Phoned audi who booked me in this morning..started up car glow plug light still flashing aslo DPF and emission control light on now..the guy at audi said it proberly needs a good run!!..which is rubbish as it had a good run on sat over 300 miles. Never had any problems before. Just waiting to here back from them today but worried now as I have read these posts.

    • Olivia,
      See my post above, it is worth considering the DPF deletion now before Audi give you the run around! It’s a hard decision to make and is obviously not what Audi advise, but I am hoping mine will not cause me trouble again. Shame I am not further down the line to give you some proof it is fine, but I am fairly confident it will be.

  16. Injectors replaced 3 weeks ago under Audi recall. Exhaust Gas Pressure sensor replaced at my cost at the same time. 1 week later the DPF light is on. Taken on a long country road to regenerate. 6 days later the DPF light is back on! Called Audi dealer yesterday for a Technician to give me a call on Monday. Can’t wait to hear what they’re going to advise. Going on what I’ve been reading recently, they’re fully aware of the extent of the problem.

    I also own a 2.2 Vectra with the z22se engine. This engine suffers with blocked oil supply nozzle to the timing chain. Masses of chain kits have been replaced and engines destroyed over the years yet Vauxhall refuse to accept that there was an issue. Funny how they released an upgraded kit with a larger oil supply nozzle and uprated tensoiner??

    • Had a call from Natalie from Bristol Audi today. The car has to go in on Friday to be looked at. I mentioned that I had been reading many stories of the same problem and she replied that in all the recalls that they’ve done, I had been the first to call to advise them that the car isn’t running correctly.

      I shall update later in the week.

  17. Well I have verdict. New DPF and pipework required, £2014.50. Also, Inlet Manifold Vac Unit leaking, requires replacing, £176.64. And just to top it off, Engine Cover Grommets £2.30.

    They also advised that 1 of out Continental Sport Contact 3 tyres would need replacing soon at a cost of £184.56. Oddly enough, I replaced our N/S rear only yesterday with the excact same tyre at our local centre for a mere £93!!

    Looks like a trip to Angel Tuning. I was advised by Audi that this option is not recommended. Something stinks!

  18. Audi are just after your money, simple as.
    I’ve just yesterday had my DPF light come on, (Audi A3 170 Sportsback) and am seriously considering the removal of the unit, though I have seen a place near Birmingham doing an October special, £299.
    I like Gemma used Audi in MK, brought the car in June and started to experience intermitant start problems first time, (tho it would fire second time).
    Three times it went into Audi, first time found nothing, second time they said it was the battery and wanted £181 to supply and fit, third time they said possible flywheel problem at a cost of £1,292, and I’ve seen them for sale at under £300.
    I rang Audi UK and they were a complete waste of time, I think the answer is if the DPF is blocked then the removal is the best option, especially as it wont affect the MOT.

    • Doesn’t sound like you’ve had much fun with your dealer!

      I’d do some hunting for reviews of the place offering the remap for £299 sounds a bit too cheap to be true. You’ll find on a lot of forums that one remap can be very different to another in terms of smoke / power / economy.

      Although its defo the right answer to get it removed!

    • 2 weeks on and all has been well after the DPF removal, EGR delete and remap. However, yesterday the engine started to run lumpy, revs were at 1000rpm at idle and plooms of blue smoke whilst at idle. Then, eventually the DPF light has come on again??

      I was warned about this as it could be the exhaust gas pressure sensor. I had that replaced back in September. I am a little upset to say the least. I’m going to call Angel Tuning in the morning.

  19. A3 2.0 TDI 170 quattro sportback, same problems as everyone else, DPF warning light on, then ECS light and in to limp mode… local garage checked over and couldnt regen it straight away, put in diesel additives and said to use premium rather than normal diesel, but ECS still comes on occasionally . It goes off when ignition is turned off and then back on. Garage mentioned that cheap fuel may be an issue. The diesel in the tank when drained was clear top half and black lower half, which was put down to cheap fuel…… there must be a simple solution, and audi should recall and sort them out…this is my tenth audi and nothing like this happened before ..

  20. Bit of an update on todays events. I went out in the car this morning and all was well again. Lots of power and no smoke yet the DPF light was still on. After further driving this afternoon, the engine is missing and hesitant. We have lost boost, the DPF light is on, the coil light is on and the code stored is 2002.

    I’m a little worried now!

    • Been onto Angel Tuning this morning. The chap called Nigel has asked if I can get the car back to their workshop. I said not really as the car is in limp mode and almost 100 miles away. I’m now waiting on another call since 10:30am.

  21. Hi,
    Reading the forums on this website for help and advise from people who had same problem. Me and my partner are having problems with our 08 reg VW golf gt sport 170 with the dpf light coming on. In August 2012, we had the injectors recall and changed free of charge, but since this we have had the dpf light come on several times, but before and having the car for 13 months previous the injectors changed never had problems. This week , the dpf light has come on, my partner drove the car at the advisory method and it went out. Yesterday, we went out driving on the motorway for at least 40 mins , the dpf light came on, so we continue to drive more on motorway to get the light off, but then both the coil and engine management lights came on, the car went into limp mode. the code reader gave two codes. P0473 and P2002 . the same as John Needs mentioned in his post.
    Any ideas or help? Much appreciated.

    • P0473 is “Exhaust Pressure Sensor High”
      P2002 is particle filter bank 1 – malfunction

      It sounds like the DPF has reached the end of its life, although unless its done a fair few miles sounds quite soon for a 08 golf, my advise would be to contact some local tuning companies and get the ball rolling to have it removed

    • Hello Jude

      I too have a 07 reg Golf GT Sport 170 and I am having the same issues you have described since having the injectors replaced in June 2012. I have been quoted between £2000 and £2,500 to have the DPF replaced, not value for money when you consider it is 25% + of the vehicle’s total value and not gauranteed to resolve the issues. Have you contacted VW Head Office in regards to your problem? If you wish to discuss the matter further feel free to e-mail me.

  22. Hi,

    My 56 Audi A3 (170) is in the dealership workshop now, 3 weeks after the injectors were changed the DPF light came on and despite trying to run it off as per the manual, soon all 3 warnings were on.

    Even before the failure the car was losing a little power under excess acceleration which I’m pretty sure it wasn’t before, though I don’t put my foot down that often. Not only were the injectors changed but I had a service, a health check and the cambelt changed at the same time, so they had ample time to inspect the car.

    I went in forewarned from this website, and have told them at the time I am concerned that it may be related to the injectors being changed.

    After the few days they had to inspect, I was told the tandem (lift) pump needs replacing, it had been mixing fuel/oil together, and that the cylinder head was damaged and also needed replacing. The DPF was unrecoverable, so that added to the bill, which was approximately £5k!

    I contacted Audi UK and currently have informed them of my situation, and am currently awaiting to see what they and the dealer (Gilders Sheffield Audi) are prepared to do. Fingers crossed, but I’m not very confident.

    The car has only done 42k miles (it had only done a meagre 19k when I bought it in 2009), I didn’t really expect such a catastrophic and expensive failure from an Audi.

    I’ll fill in the form when I get a response.

      • I have got an offer of a 30% discount from the dealer, I will ring Audi UK back tomorrow and see if they are willing to help further. We’ve been now nearly 2 weeks without a car. 🙁

  23. Hello Pete S. I thought my bill was bad! That is horrendous!!

    After 10 days without the Audi, Angel Tuning finally got to us today. The car is running again. The map has been removed and reinstalled. All error codes deleted and the Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor reset. At the present time after driving to and from work today, all is well so far.

  24. Bought an A6 Avant from Huntingdon Audi in Oct 2009. Have always had problems with DPF light and on 5 occasions it has gone into limp mode.
    Been in and out of garage who say they have fixed the problem. Had a meeting with manager in April and asked for exchange car. They have not been able to find one and offered an extended warranty if I contribute £500. Said no. Two weeks ago light came on at Milton Keynes and would not regenerate on way back to Huntingdon. All dual carriagway, so got up to 3000rpm, but went into limp mode.
    Took it to Huntingdon Audi who have had it for 2 weeks. They have tested it long distance and found it builds up too much soot on long journeys. I have told them this before and showed photo’s. Don’t think they understood. Anyhow I have new A3 courtesy car, which won’t be freely returned until I am satisfied. It is also with ombudsman

  25. Has anyone got any info from Audi or VAGUK regarding the clear link between the injector recall and DPF problems. How can it be “bad luck” that hundreds of people have the same problem? Answer: it’s not, there is a problem and it needs sorting!

    • Nothing yet.. i’ve sent them this page and information countless times but never get a reply, think they are sticking their head in the sand on this one!

  26. Our Audi has been running fine now for over 2 weeks since the ash mass value was sorted out and the new map installed. Its also been in for a major service and a new cambelt kit and water pump.

    I have been wondering, has the type of engine oil being used or frequency of changing oil got anything to do with the DPF faliures?

  27. I have SEAT Altea Freetrack 2.0-litre TDi 170PS. In the last four years of owning it I have never had any problems with DPF.
    A week after the Piezo unit Injector was replaced the problem with the filter started.
    I immediately took the car to the SEAT dealership and the filter was replaced. A week after its replacement I encounter the same problem. However, every time following a short drive on the motorway DPF will regenerate, just after a week of driving the signal on the dash board will switch on again.
    I booked new appointment with the deanships on 7th of December to further discuss the problem.

  28. Hello,

    I have a 56 plate Audi A3 2.0TDI(170) and have had no issues whatsoever until I got the injectors changed in September under the recall. On a positive note I noticed my mpg jump up by about 7mpg but not long after the DPF filter warning came on(the first time in 70k miles). Almost all my miles are motorway driving so I followed instructions and it cleared on my next journey however it came back on today along with the Engine Management light and the Glow Plug warning light. Reading on this site there is a clear link between the injector recall and the problems I am experiencing. Does anyone know if Audi have aknowledged this yet and if so what they plan to do?


    • The has done 102k. This where they have me over a barrel unfortunately. They have however called me back today and said they will do the job for £1300 instead of £1950 so not charging me for the labour.
      Then I got in touch with a tuning company in Stockport who told me they have done loads of a3’s from this injector recall and what they do is for £500 remove the dpf and remap it , then take out the injectors and refit them with new seals new studs and make sure they are all seated properly. Sounds the better option I’m just pondering now which one to do!!

      • I’d recommend going for the removal.. makes it a much more enjoyable car.

        You get a lot more power a lot lower down the rev range, better economy.

        A “bit” more smoke, but will still pass MOT

        • Looks like its the way forward then. Gonna get it done in the next couple of weeks and get shot of that dpf . I just hope at some point audi will except responsibility for what has been done but at this moment I’m just another victim not the first and certainly not the last.

  29. Hope this helps!!!
    I bought a a3 170tdi 2007 sportback in January of this year.
    The car was perfectly fine with no dpf issues. Then early in December of this year I had a letter about the recall for the injectors. They were replaced on the 10th of December and a week later dpf issues, running lumpy, no boost below 3000rpm and regenerating every 200 miles. Something not right, just does not feel right so did some research before storming into the audi dealer.
    When the car is cold check your oil level!!!!! It will be high right over the bubble on the dipstick!!! This is causing the dpf to block and keep regenerating not with soot as you get from diesel but ash cause you are burning oil to so a new dpf will do the same in a couple of weeks.
    The injectors are not seated right or the seals have not been replaced which is causing diesel to go into the engine and make your oil level rise.
    I approached audi with this and agreed to take a look. Next day phone call your car is done , it was a wrongly seated injector so new software update and fresh oil and filters and touch wood so far so good all free of charge!!!

    • Update!!!
      Car lasted 2 days appox 100 miles and now back at audi Stockport for the third time!! Dpf light on glow plug light on and running ruff! Been on to audi uk who were very helpful so will keep updating!! Something has got to be done. To many cases all over the Internet for it to be a fault with the car

      • Thanks for keeping us updated Glen, it is starting to appear that a lot of the issues are related to mis-seated injectors. Although i don’t really know how Audi can resolve this bar recalling them all again and checking the injectors.

        Glad you getting somewhere with Audi though, please let us know how it goes and what they say is the underlying issue

      • Update number 2!!!
        Got a phone call today car ready, picked it up this evening, here’s what’s been done!!
        Checked and confirmed dpf light on, took for 2 mile road test which cleared warning light (2 miles????) checked dpf pressure sensor and operation ok then carried out emergency regeneration and confermed dpf at 0% (empty)
        Audi uk are ringing me on Monday to see how the car is and if I’m not happy they will put into another dealership for second opinion. Still %100 sure this will work (if it does will show my arse in the city centre) . I think the damage has already been done from the diesel been fired into the cylinder through the miss seated injector causing pressure to build up. The car now feels fine but soon as the 100 mile mark comes up i know it’s gonna do the same,not convinced. That car has never a warning light on in over 10,000 miles while I’ve had the car till this recall.
        I will continue to update whether sorted or not at the end of the weekend. Has anybody had any results or an end to this????? Please let us know as I feel like I’m banging my head on the wall with audi dealer!!!

        • Car has covered 93 miles and regeneration started, lost power just before it started. If it does it again in another 100 miles its going back for a fourth time. The dpf was totally clear when it left the garage as the master tech told me so shouldn’t be behaving like that so soon. Before the injector recall it would do it every couple of thousand miles!!!

          • Car back in through audi uk. Got a courtesy car and its at another dealer for a fresh pair of hands on it. The car lasted total of 193miles from me driving it out of the dealer. Dpf light had been on twice and glow plug light flashing lost power so something wrong still somewhere. Lets see what happens now (I ain’t holding my breath)

          • Doesn’t sound good :-/ Meant to reply to this comment and ask if you’d had chance to check the oil level. A few people have commented saying the oil was rising due to a mis-seated injector

          • No unfortunately didn’t get a chance to check oil level because soon as the light come on for the second time I phoned audi uk going mental and within the hour the car was picked up and a courtesy car delivered so was a bit of a rush. I think the damage has been already done with the first miss placed injector ,turbo now sounds noisey ,slight top end rattle too. Hopefully should hear something today. Can honestly say though audi uk have been really good they payed for my hire car and recovery.

          • Audi Manchester called me last night to say they can’t find anything wrong with the car but are keeping it. They have had strict instructions from audi uk to find the fault. Hopefully will hear something on Monday coz they would have had the car 6 days then. The good thing is they haven’t just give me the car back like audi Stockport did and say its all fine.. Maybe it’s getting fixed but they ain’t gonna tell me what the problem was, who knows .

          • Bad news audi uk have phoned me with “your dpf has had it’s life” nearly 2 grand to fix. They say its no link with the injectors. But surely the leaking injector causing my oil level to rise has had an effect on the dpf. At a dead end now anyone audi not excepting responsibility for it do I take it up with vosa or watchdog

          • That is absolutely mental!

            How many miles has the car done in total? They are quoted to last 80k – 100k on VW and 100k – 120k on Audi.

  30. I have a 2006 2.0tdi audi convertible the dpf has been removed but car still runs like its misfireing and smokeing the maf sensor ,fuel filter,wireing loom,and egr valve has all been replaced with new but still the same audi say its not a recall car any ideas not likeing this audi not even done 100 mile since buying it

  31. took the wife car for injectors replacement and now having major problems with dpf cars done 100.000 miles but other people have done a lot less so it cant be the wear and tear on the filter its got to be linked with the injectors being replaced and audi should take responsibility for the cock up but i think i’ve got more chance of buying a house on the moon than audi admitting fault and helping their customers..

  32. I fear I’m another victim of this. Audi A3 57 2.0TDi 170 Quattro…

    Car started making a funny knocking machine gun type noise at high revs, generally in low gears.

    So took it in to my local non-Audi garage for a look. They said Engine Mangement was throwing up Glow Plug number 4 as an issue. So they replaced all 4 plugs and it was sorted.

    Until 2 days later noise again and now Emission light also on. So took it to Audi, who’s attempt at diagnostic was that the Glow Plug number 3 was showing an error and needs replacing, think they’ve done 40 miles since replacement. They are currently trying again but I have made it clear about the connection with the injector recall which I had done in November and these kind of issues.

    We will wait and see what the next chapter will hold


  33. Funny knocking noises can be the caused of fuel diluting the oil so you need to check your oil level and check what colour your fuel filter is. This can be a sign that the tandum pump seals have failed. But if the dealer says they cannot find anything, request them to raise a DISS report. This will then go off to Milton Keynes to be checked out further.This is the only way i have been able to get mine fixed after 7 months of complaining

      • you had any joy with this yet, just collected mine back today after 2 weeks with a full fuel tank and lines flushed out, a new tandem pump fitted and another set of injectors FOC so fingers crossed all my problems are sorted

        • No joy! Audi still reckon the dpf has failed. I emailed Martin didn’t even reply back. So getting the dpf removed in the next month. Hope yours is sorted

          • Had my car back nearly 2 weeks now and done over 300 miles. Very strange no regens no warning lights all seems fine considering it was doing a regen every 90miles. They had the car for a week and haven’t done any repairs to it what I am aware of.

          • Mine does seam to be running better but had DPF light on twice in one week. I expected the first time as when the remove the injectors on a PD engine diesel floods in to the cylinder bores which ends up in the exhaust. 2nd time I gave the car a good run so fingers crossed its better

          • He would of read your Email or passed it onto someone else, but you could do with trying to get to another Audi dealer so you can ask them what work has been carried out as they sound like they are with holding info

  34. Bought a beatifull black A4 special edition ( 5.7 plate) from A Clark.Only had it 5 days when
    DPF light comes on ,then limp home modeThis was in December Clark says cant send to
    Glasgow Audi till 5th Jan next year. So whole bloody Christmas and new year worrying if
    I had bought a lemon (and without car).Jan 5th Clark says car fixed, but on way back from
    Glasgow Audi DPF light had come on again.Get car back two days later to be told dont use
    for short journeys.I handed it back and they gave me a petrol Golf.I had my previous Audi 80
    TDi for 18years with no trouble whatsoever After just reading about all these complaints I
    think you should all get together and sue them,as they do in America

  35. Had my car back for over a month now and done 700 miles and its only done one regen. Still thinking of having the stupid thing removed but so far so good.

  36. Audi A3 57 2.0TDi 170 sportback 38000miles, Had a recall letter for the injectors, decided to check it in for this replacement, a service, MOT and to check my emission control warning light that had come on recently. Week before service glow plugs flashes and engine goes limp. Decide not to drive it until the service. Day before service have to use car in an emergency, glow plugs light off but car has no power. Then smoke and engine cuts, will not restart. AA tow it to Audi for it’s appointment. They replace the injectors but tell me I need a new EGR valve, DPF filter and sensor totalling 2000. They tell me is necessary because it won’t pass MOT with warning light on. MOT due in 2 days, ugh. Will probably get it replaced as I’ll get 2 years parts and labour on it, but wish I knew about removing it before.

    • Ok car back but it’s all gone wrong, here is a great test for the injector replacement killing the dpf. Got a new egr valve, dpf filter and injectors and serviced when i took it in for the above, 20 miles of driving laer after some slightly heavy acceleration glow plugs started flashing, turned the car off and now engine management light is stuck on. Phoning audi tomorrow, will be interesting to see how my brand new dpf is after the injector replacement

  37. I purchased a ’07 A3 170 tdi S line in February this year from Gilders in Sheffielf. A month later after some research I find out about the injector recall. Following a call to Nottingham Audi I establish that my injectors were replaced at Doncaster Audi in January this year. Since buying the car the it has run fine up until yesterday when the DPF light illuminated whilst reverse parking. I decided to do a ‘forced regeneration’ and drove it for about 15 to 20 minutes on the M1 over 2500 revs and after about 10 minutes there was a ‘bleep’ and the DPF light reset. The car has 75000 with full (not all Audi) service book. Is ths the start of things to come? What updates are there regarding Audi/ Watchdog/ Vosa? Is DPF removal totally safe?
    Any help or advice appreciated thank you.

  38. Copy of email sent today to

    Dear Sir,
    I have recently purchased a 2007 Audi A3 170 TDI S line from Gilders at Sheffield.
    Although to some not an expensive car at nearly £9000 this was a major purchase for me (under the current austerity climate) but I ‘pushed the boat out’ in order to get my first Audi. I believed that I would now be the owner of a reliable trustworthy car.
    I established that the car had its injectors replaced at Doncaster Audi on 07/01/2013 under a recall? 
    Although it seems to be running fine there has been the odd ‘kangaroo’ action when cold and regular difficulty when starting in the morning which I put down to the ‘cold weather’. 
    Then yesterday the DPF light illuminated so after consulting the owners manual I did a forced regeneration of the DPF and it did eventually reset.
    I am now extremely concerned, there is an ongoing up to date ‘on line’ case history conducted by Audi owners of this fault and clear evidence of very expensive repair bills linked with unbelievably poor Audi customer service. It is very clear that there is a generic fault with this engine and/or the DPF set up.
    Audi will probably claim that my car is now 5.5 years old and faults should be expected? but this car is as nice as it was when first produced and has obviously been cherished. In reply customers would counter claim that an Audi should last years and if looked after should run without problems linked to cheaper options?
    Can you please investigate this issue and finally put an end to the endless reports of customers facing expensive bills. Audi are considered to be a market leader and I’m sure would not wish to be faced with such problems? Surely a recall would put Audi back to where some believe they belong?

    • I emailed Martin too, he didn’t even reply back to me.
      Just a very big coincidence after the injecter recall all of these people have the same problem with dpf.
      Never seen my dpf light in over 10k miles and within a couple of days after the injecters done it was on. It’s everywhere on the Internet but audi don’t want to except responsibility for there f**k up.
      Hope you get somewhere with them

  39. Hello

    My son bought a Audi a3 Sline, had it 5 months same problem as all the above, come on guys something needs to be done.

  40. I have had a similar issue and the minute I am facing a cost from Audi. My normal driving is around 1k-1 1/2k per week. However I’ve been working from home for 2 weeks, so the only journey I did was the school run. In that 2 week period I did approx 20 miles per day in my 2.7 diesel. Towards the end of this period, the engine management light came on and the diesel coil flashing. Took it to Audi specialist who stated DPF fault and to go to Audi. My car is now awaiting inspection but early signs indicate that it will require and emergency rejeneration cycle…at my cost! I think this is unfair, considering its a common problem! I will keep coming back to see where this goes.

  41. Since my last post back in January I have not had my car, been driving round in nice courtesy cars provided by VW. Car got trailered from Dealer to Milton Keynes world class VAG workshop where they experienced the starting issue I had experienced but could not find any faults with dpf.
    They have replaced the complete engine, DPF filter , Flywheel and clutch
    It should be finished today but they need to trailer back to dealer and arrange for my collection.
    If you had the recall on the injectors carried out before August 2012 on the PD170 then they may of bent a con rod when trying to start the car for the first time. August 2012 they updated the procedure on replacing the injectors which consisted of draining the cylinders of excess diesel that the old injector would of deposited into the bore when removed. this is to stop a hydraulic pressure in the cylinders when attempting to start engine.

  42. Hi, I too have had lots of problems regarding the DPF after the piezo injector recall. I have an 07 Audi A4 170. Had it in for a full service from Audi which was fine. Then it went in for the recall. Few weeks after the DPF light comes up. I try regening it, which doesn’t work. Audi pick it up and have to drive it for 100 miles to regen it. Then a couple of weeks later the DPF light comes up again. I drive over 100 miles on the motorway at around 2 – 2.5k revs and it doesn’t do anything. Again it goes back to Audii, who advise I need a new DPF. They picked up about 60% of this cost as the manager half admitted there may be a link between the recall and the DPF issues. but also said my car had done nearly 70k miles so the DPF filter could need replacing anyway.
    Now about 4 months after a brand new DPF has been fitted, and about 1000 miles max, the DPF filter light has come back on again!
    I’ve more than had enough of this. Clearly fitting a new DPF filter isn’t an answer to these issues so I advise anyone who is advised to pay to do this from Audi not to as it will be a waste of your money.
    I am goign to speak to my local Audi manager on Monday (is Saturday now) and will be demanding a full refund for the DPF replacement as this obviously wasn’t the problem and will be demanding they cover all costs of whatever needs to be done from now on.
    Will let people know how I get on. I’ve got to the point where I just want to get shot of this car now and get something else.

  43. A3 2.0TDI 170 break, After a long life service Audi suggest DPF sensor needs replacing. A week after having the service completed I have the DPF sensor replaced, Leicester Audi charged me £202.00. One week later the DPF yellow light comes back on whilst driving on the motorway. Having experienced this problem before I though the drive along the motorway should clear this. End result is the card goes into Limp mode and does no more than 60mph. Due to take car back to Audi and will update you accordingly.

    • I have worked for Audi and this a known issue (one that will not be admitted or proven).

      All you will get is that the car is now running fine and it is down to driving style.

      You need to stick to the complaint that the dpf was not an issue until the dealer has carried out done work and try to get warranty on it.

  44. I drive a (57) plate A4 s line 170 tdi I had the injectors replaced last year shortly after purchasing the car free at doncaster audi two had been previously changed prior to me owning the car audi covered the costs not long after the DPF light came on and I took it on motorway to regen it and the light went off a year on the light has not come back on but at low revs at between 30-40 mph strolling in 3rd or 4th gear the car seems to miss the revs just drop and then come back in again asked at my local garage about this and he says could be DPF filter after reading a lot of these post there is definately some kind of issue with the injector replacement and the DPF filter there are to many similar story’s for there not to be audi should like the injectors do a recall and get this issue resolved free gratis

    • What revs is the engine at, as if it is between 1800 – 2000 rpm then it is the egr valve. It is a known issue with this engine, the valve has not failed just its at a point where it does not know what to do. This can be sorted I am told by replacing the gasket with one with a smaller hole in it but this will raise your exhaust gas emissions and could cause your dpf to play up. Disconnect the electrical connection from the valve for a short period to see if the problems continue

  45. Hi guys I have a audi a3 sline 170 07 plate my car has also been recalled for injectors and I am having the same difficulties I phone audi dealers they are adamant that its nothing to do with injector recall and want to charge me £96 diagnostic fee and I drive on the motorway 3 times a week 100 mile journeys I think we should all take this to the trading standards cause this is obviously due to recall. My car before the recall used to drive perfect and after I started to notice a really strong smell from exhaust?

  46. I agree.. there has been far too many comments since my initial case study to ignore now.

    I’m going to be contacting everyone that has commented shortly and see if we can get Audi to pay us any attention!

    • Hi that would be great cause I have had the dpf removed today…this issue if far 2 common now starting to think if I never got the injectors replaced my car would still be ok please contact me if you guys decide to take this further no point taking it further ony own as they would not listen but if there’s a lot of us then they will have to?

  47. Audi A3 TDi 170 Qtro 56 Plate 87,000RM. I had the recall letter for about a year before finding time to book it in for its warranty injector replacement on 25th March 2013 at the main Audi dealer. It does weekly/fortnightly motorway runs of 200 miles. Car went into Limp mode mid-way through 400 mile run/rag last weekend. I dropped it off at my local independent VW Audi (who have done a decent job on my 2 previous Audi’s M-Plate Coupe and A3 02 Plate TDi 140) in Christchurch today. They are replacing the DPF pressure sensor + regen “showing 20% ash”. I just googled it and found this site – oh dear (facepalm) .. I’ll have a chat when I pick it up tomorrow and see if they are seeing a lot of these.

  48. I have a 59 reg 1.9tdi A3 (60,000 miles) which I bought 1 year ago. I don’t know if the injectors have been replaced but have had the DPF fault light on a couple of times and car has today gone into limp mode. Took it to my local garage (not Audi) who looked at the fault and said there was nothing they could do about it and there is an epidemic of this issue which ought to be covered under a recall notice. Car now sat on drive and I don’t know what to do for the best. I will ring Audi tomorrow and find out if it has had the injector recall work done.
    Are Audi ever likely to take responsibility for this issue?
    We have 3 audi owners in our household and this issue is a real concern which is making us all rethink our choice of make.
    Any suggestions on what course of action I should take on resolving my current issue would be appreciated.
    Alex, Sheffield

    • Audi will replace the injectors if they haven’t been done.

      However the issue with the DPF, they will probably offer reduced labor but still charge you for the cost of a DPF filter.

  49. ive read all of these posts and my audi a3 tdi Quattro is having the same problem they are making a killing out of us audi ripping ppl off this a fault on there half sumthing must be done

  50. Hi, i have a 56 plate audi a4 170 bhp. i think this issue is with the 170bhp and not the 140bhp engine. I am getting a regen every 3 days, is there any way of having the dpf cleaned by taking it off …. there is also a test called the soot mass index which tells you how much soot is in the dpf and thus helps if fault lies in dpf without replacing it.

  51. Similar issue on our 07 A6 2.0 TDI. White smoke and engine light on, new EGA valve and DPF sensor fitted and still no improvement. Engine light has just come back on, got a feeling we are going to need a whole new DPF which isn’t affordable right now! The mechanic tells us the DPF looks like it’s been removed in the past.. Any suggestions?

  52. Can anyone tell me if all A3 2.0Tdi 170bhp have DPF’s, or when did they start fitting them? I think the 140’s started having them fitted after 2008, on the ‘face-lift’ version. If it’s on all 170’s then steering clear.

  53. I to0 have been suffering with the dreaded Injector recall problem on my 2008 A3 2.0 TDI. I had my injectors replaced in November 2013 and am still trying to get the problem rectified. 5 days after the injector replacement my DPF light illuminated (something which had never happened in the past two years of owning the vehicle). I took it back in to Ridgeway Oxford Audi at Kidlington and they carried out a diagnostic test and claimed there was nothing wrong with the vehicle – they stated the software update had changed the way the car ran and “that’s how it will run in future” told me that the car probably wasn’t really suitable for the way I used it anymore and advised me to either put up with it or sell it on !!!! Was fuming !!! I contacted Audi UK (who claimed my problem was the first they had ever heard of) I asked to have my car checked at another dealership – so went to Listers Audi at Stratford who were very helpful – they ran another diagnostisc test and found three possible faults – G450 sensor / replaced vac unit / adjusted cam timing (£500!!) had items fixed but it didn’t sort problem. Have had numerous visits back to Audi at Stratford and also numerous phone calls to Audi UK (often waiting a week for that promised return call). After nearly 9 months of calls and trips to stratford the problem hasn’t been rectified. Fortunately, I live 2 mins from junction 11 on the M40 so can clear the DPF light weekly. Last visit to Stratford I was told there was nothing more they could do and that it wasn’t a DPF problem more likely a problem was caused during the injector recall back in Nov 2013 as the DPF was sooting up far to quickly – suggestions were cylinder contamination or problem with seals. After 4 weeks of calls/waiting for calls back to and from Audi UK Oxford Audi have now given permission for Stratford to carry out a compression test so waiting to get that booked in next week – doesn’t look like I’ll be able to take my car on our family holiday on 2nd August !! Its getting beyond a joke and totally depressing – why can’t they just hold their hands up to this problem and sort it !!

    • Can I just add to my previous post – my vehicle is doing active regenerations every week probably after only doing 70 miles ! The revs increase from 900 to 1000 and the car runs badly – it doesn’t seem to be able to clear itself – the DPF light illuminates and that’s when I have to drive down a junction on the M40 to clear the light. 4-5 days later the same thing happens. Also have had to pay for oil changes due to fuel being dumped during the regens !

      • Recently purchased an audi a3 170 Quattro 56 plate and I’m having the same problem. Nearly had a crash when car went into limp mode on M1. Called sheffield audi who say it’s 3 weeks before they can even take a look. Independent auto electrician who knows his stuff says he sees about 6 a week. Which is appalling. And been quoted £1500 for DPF replacement. I’m wondering what to do to be honest. I think I’m going to take this forum to audi and show them to their faces. Luckily I have a warranty from buying the car. But it’s ridiculous. I’ll ring everyone I can to complain. Been reassured that if I have it removed then it will be fine. Any suggestions

  54. Recently purchased an audi a3 170 Quattro 56 plate and I’m having the same problem. Nearly had a crash when car went into limp mode on M1. Called sheffield audi who say it’s 3 weeks before they can even take a look. Independent auto electrician who knows his stuff says he sees about 6 a week. Which is appalling. And been quoted £1500 for DPF replacement. I’m wondering what to do to be honest. I think I’m going to take this forum to audi and show them to their faces. Luckily I have a warranty from buying the car. But it’s ridiculous. I’ll ring everyone I can to complain. Been reassured that if I have it removed then it will be fine. Any suggestions

    • Did you end up showing them the forum to their faces?

      Be interesting to hear their reaction… Previously we have all emailed them the link but got nothing but the standard response about driving style

  55. hi i have a a4 170 tdi i do not get the dpf light coming on so im not sure that this is the problem i have
    some time when i try to pull away from the lights the power just goes flat and either stalls or slowly gets to around 3k then the power comes in
    if this is a dpf problem can i just smash the insides out of the dpf filter so it still looks like its there for mot as i was told it needs to be there for mot

  56. Well…. completely stuffed by Govt.

    2006 A3 2 tdi sportback bought in 2008. transpires that the previous owner had the DPF removed and ecu tweeked…. thought it went well too!!!

    Now… it won’t pass the next MOT without spending a fortune on a new DPF…. Thank you Govt!!!

    Love the fact that Govt clamps down on something claiming its for the good of the environment without realising that it does nothing for the environment other than move the sooty emissions from polluted urban environments to what were cleaner rural environments…. net gain.. nothing.

    Yay.. humanity can walk around town breathing a little better… but don’t stress guys…. you can have it all back via your food which ingests the crud that now gets omitted in the countryside.

    Mind numbingly stupid legislation!!!

    Anyway, whinging won’t fix it…. so what do we do?

    Audi charge through the roof for a new DPF, you can get it slightly cheaper elsewhere… but for that kind of money you can’t help but think that a switched reputable performance exhaust manufacturer might come up with a better version of the standard item for the same price or less. But I can’t find them anywhere on the interweb.

    Does anybody know of a performance DPF manufacturer for a 2006 A3 2 TDI 170ps sportback?



  57. Hi I own an Audi A3 59 reg 1.9 TDI 105break.
    I’ve had this car for 2 years and have just got the same problems.

    So I already had the engine management light on for a few days and had it booked in to clear that.

    A couple of days ago I drove it up to Wales, it’s was a 4 hour trip so had to of cleaned out the DPF. So I get to work 2 days later and I stall just as I was going emerging from a junction and so I turned the keg to start the engine and as soon as it starts its now in limp mode, flashing glow plug warning light is now on? (I just knew this was going to be expensive!!!)

    I take the car to the dealer ( brilliant family mechanic) that was going to sort out the EML that was on and showed him. String away he knew the problem, even though he knew what it was he plugged in a solas and car was reading P2002 and PO473. He tried to do a forced regeneration but it still wasn’t having any of it, he told me before I decide to get it hooked up to VADCOM to have a look at this site due to the amount of people having the same issue.

    I’m now in a bit of a blunder as I know if I get it all removed will it still pass the MOT and I have heard that getting my type of car remaped just causes problems with the clutch? Please help in a bit of a mess! :/

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